Lease Audits

Rubik’s cubes, mazes, and leases have one thing in common: They’re complicated. Landlords like to keep you in the dark, presenting operating expense statements in vague and unclear terms. More often than not, this is intentional and makes it virtually impossible to detect red flags. And, no matter how much you trust your landlord, oversights happen. Left unchecked, these errors can have compounding effects that cost you significant money over your business’ lifetime.

In the past DLRE has worked solely on behalf of commercial real estate tenants to identify billing errors, recoup overpayments and ensure that landlords’ billing practices conform to the original lease terms and industry standards. We also establish healthy relationships with landlords, keeping them in compliance with their agreements, but also honest and transparent in their tenant communication. To boot, our commercial real estate professionals have been on the landlord side in the past, which offers us tremendous leverage and clout at the bargaining table.